Source says PS4 is based on an AMD processor and will have an optical disc drive

Report: PS4 dev kits shipping

Developers have been receiving PlayStation 4 dev kits, according to a report.

“Multiple sources” have apparently confirmed to VG247 that a new ‘Orbis kit’ is currently shipping to developers, and that it’s housed in PC casing.

There are to be four versions of the dev kit, says VG247. A previous version was essentially just a graphics card. The version shipping now is a “modified PC”, and the third version, appearing in January, will be close to final spec. A final version will be delivered to developers “next summer”.

A select number of US developers have attended a “disclosure meeting” at Sony’s offices this week, with the intention of explain to developers what the machine is capable of, detailing hardware and showing a set of presentations. Further meetings are due to take place in the coming weeks.

The source has said that Sony is only referring the machine as Orbis – first mentioned in a specs ‘leak’ in March this year, and is not using the words ‘PlayStation 4’ in the meetings at all.

Orbis is based on the AMD’s A10 APU (Accelerated Processing Unit) series. The system’s processor has been described as “derivative” of existing A10 hardware, as it is “based on A10 system and base platform”.

Sony’s ultimate goal, according the source, is for the new console to run 1080p 60 games in 3D with “no problem”, from a machine that’s powerful enough for “today and tomorrow’s market”. The source adds that Sony want it to be an “very affordable” console, but one that “isn’t a slouch”.

The dev kits have either 8GB or 16GB of RAM, and the source asserts that an optical drive, specifically Blu-ray, will be present.

Perhaps the most surprising piece of information is that the hardware is reportedly “not being made in Japan”. However, it’s not clear whether that refers to simply the manufacturing or is an allusion to the system hardware or software being made outside of its home nation.

More news on PlayStation 3’s successor when we have it.

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