Wii U discontinued as Nintendo head towards Switch launch

Report: Wii U to cease production this Friday

According to a report from Eurogamer, Nintendo will cease production of the Wii U this Friday.

Eurogamer are reporting that multiple sources have confirmed to them that the Wii U is ceasing production this Friday, a week before the fourth anniversary of its launch in the U.S.

The underperforming console had shipped 13.36m units as of the 30th September, and only a small amount of units are expected to be produced in this final run. The end of production isn’t unexpected, with Nintendo looking forward to the release of the Nintendo Switch releasing in just 4 months.

The Wii U sold a few million units at launch, but since then the sales have been slow, and third party support dwindled away. It seems first party titles haven’t been enough to win fans over, with the massively successful Wii selling 101m over the course of its lifespan.

This isn’t confirmed yet, and we’ve reached out to Nintendo to comment, although Nintendo generally don’t comment on leaks. Nintendo have previously said they won’t be revealing any more information on the Nintendo Switch until an event on the 13th January.

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