Reports: Shuttered Sony Liverpool was working on two PS4 games

Sony announced yesterday that Studio Liverpool, best known for the WipEout series, was in the process of being shut down. Reports today suggest that the studio was working on a new WipEout game and a stealth action game in the vein of Splinter Cell for the yet unannounced PlayStation 4.

WipEout has been a part of the launch line-ups of every PlayStation console to date. The PS4 version, Eurogamer reports, was 12-18 months into development and was dramatically different” from previous WipEout games.

A source also told the site that a second game in development at Liverpool started out as a gangster action game, but then evolved into a stealth title similar to Splinter Cell. It is claimed that the game used motion capture that was more advanced than what was seen in L.A. Noire.

Both games were cancelled before the studio was shut down, but it would be a shame if there isn’t to be a WipEout game for the PlayStation 4.

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