Michiteru Okabe says immersion in horror is more important than in other genres

Resident Evil producer: Virtual Reality ‘perfect’ for horror games

Horror titles like Resident Evil could benefit greatly from virtual reality, according to the producer of the next entry in the series.

Capcom’s Michiteru Okabe, currently working on the episodic Resident Evil: Revelations 2, said it makes "perfect sense" for the genre to take advantage of this new technology.

Speaking in a video interview with Game Informer, spotted by GameSpot, Okabe said Capcom will consider using VR in future instalments of Resident Evil.

"Speaking personally, I’m really excited about VR," he said. "I think it makes sense. Having gone from 2D to 3D, now it’s time to surround yourself in these worlds instead of just having a screen in front of you. It makes sense: the technology is there."

The producer went on to discuss why virtual reality is so well suited to the genre, saying that it’s the immersive nature of the technology that holds the real potential to deliver experiences unlike anything horror gamers have seen before.

"There’s going to be some really compelling stuff coming out on [VR], no doubt," said Okabe. "It makes sense for a lot of game genres; I think it makes a special kind of sense for horror games where immersion is more important that perhaps in other genres.

"I think we should most definitely start thinking about what we could do with that kind of technology in the future. It makes perfect sense."

Creative Assembly has already experimented with virtual reality for its sci-fi survival horror Alien: Isolation. You can read our interview about the Oculus Rift prototype – which gamers have recently unlocked in the retail version – by clicking here.

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