Twenty-four month workload saw the studio 'cramming things out the door'

Resistance overtime ‘was killingâ?? Insomniac devs

Californian independent studio Insomniac has provided a glimpse into the stress and pressures of life at the upper-end of the game development food chain.

The studio, now working on Resistance 3, has been granted a one-year extension for its latest project – a move which creative director Marcus Smith describes as “music to our ears” and, if fact, “ecstasy”.

Smith said that Insomniac, taking into account its size and workload, ”just tended to cram things out the door.”

In an interview with the latest issue of GamesTM magazine, he added: “We were really cranking and killing people doing it.”

Resistance 2, released November 2008, came to the market just twenty-four months after its predecessor – a deadline which, in the word of triple-A game development, is becoming increasingly unmanageable.

Speaking of the relentless cramming and crunch periods, Smith was nonetheless proud of what the studio had accomplished.

“I think we’ve done a really solid job of keeping up a certain level of quality doing that, despite the time constraints,” he said.

Yet following the release of Resistance 2 – a game which possibly didn’t hit the kind of sales figures Sony expected – the decision was made upstream at Sony to extend Resistance 3’s development cycle by a whole year.

It means Resistance 3, unless hit with unlikely further delays, will be released in the latter two months of 2011.

Commenting on the extension, Smith said: “Many of us now have children, and the reality of game development is that we need to maintain the quality, so something else had to change, Extending the development cycle was the way to go. It was something we were discussing from the very beginning.”

In May Insomniac signed a multiplatform development deal with EA Partners.

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