But there's money to be made on RIM devices, claims developer relations director

RIM: People buy apps on Blackberry over Android

Speaking to Develop, RIM’s director of developer relations Mike Kirkup has suggested that thanks to jailbroken (or rooted) devices, users are not buying on services like Android market anymore.

Meanwhile, he stated, as the Blackberry platform remains largely unaffected by such concerns, and thanks to RIM’s recent drive to make the platform more appealing to developers, there is plenty of room to generate revenue when creating titles for the App World store.

"People actually make money selling games on the Blackberry platform today," said Kirkup. "They’re not jailbreaking devices to rip them off. No one’s buying applications through the Android market today. People are actually spending real money to buy applications on Blackberry, and there’s a whole bunch of services coming to augment that today as well."

Kirkup also presented a case for his assurance that, through RIM’s developer support and services, the Blackberry App World has the potential to host apps of a consistently higher standard than on other stores.

“It doesn’t help anybody at all if all you’re going to have is a store full of crap, or if you have a store full of applications that are copycats nobody’s going to make any money," he stated.

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