'We’re exploring some familiar genres and some experimental ones'

Riot Games’ R&D initiative wants small teams working on fresh ideas

Riot Games has detailed how it’s looking to develop new IP beyond its highly successful MOBA League of Legends.

The initiative works by putting small teams together to create new ideas without any constraints. In a post on the matter explaining new job vacancies at the company, the studio said the R&D work gives developers “the freedom to fail and learn”.

“The idea isn’t blind trial and error, but a scientific method that relies on instincts, experience, and process to discover a creative result,” it explained.

“We’ve only got a few R&D projects going at a time, with a handful of people on each team. We’re exploring some familiar genres and some experimental ones, but all of them are genres we expect core gamers love. We don’t know how many (if any) of these explorations will ever ship.”

The studio added its main focus is still on League of Legends, but is keen to eventually expand its portfolio of games.

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