Former Harmonix and Twisted Pixel dev founds new studio

Rock Band designer goes Indie

Dan Teasdale has left his job at Twisted Pixel to start his own indie studio.

Teasdale is best known for his time at Harmonix as a designer on Rock Band, but left the company in 2010 to join Twisted Pixel.

After three years with that outfit, the designer has left to found a new indie studio called No Goblin.

“We wanted to make mechanic driven games with original themes,” reads a message on the studio website.

“We grew up with the humour of LucasArts adventure games, the couch rivalry of the Nintendo golden era, and the knowledge that gameplay trumps everything.”

Teasdale is joined by ‘co-founding artist and designer hybrid Panzer’, and the team is already working on its debut title, set to appear on PC and PS4 in 2014.

“We’re founding No Goblin because we want to make games no other studio is making” said Teasdale.

“Our goal is to marry original IP and ‘gameplay first’ design to make truly unique games.”

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