Next title will be released for Xbox One and PS4, E3 unveiling unconfirmed

Rockstar to release unannounced game by March 2015

Take-Two has announced it will release a new game from Rockstar this financial year for Xbox One and PS4.

That means a new Rockstar title will be out before March 2015.

Little else was announced by the firm, and when pressed on if Rockstar will be at E3, the company simply responded: "Rockstar has not announced if it will be at E3."

What this game could be is up for eager speculation. GTA V on next-gen machines is a safe option, but if it’s a completely new title then the long-rumoured Red Dead Redemption sequel is likely.

Other games that continue to get referenced to MCV includes Bully 2 and the long-delayed PlayStation exclusive, The Agent.

Hopefully we will know more come next month.

The news follows a successful financial year for Take-Two.

Take-Two expects Rockstar games to account for 45 per cent of its revenue over the next financial year. That will include catalogue sales of GTA V and GTA Online revenue.

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