Rooster Teeth launches new games publishing division

US production company Rooster Teeth has created its own games publishing division, the company announced yesterday. The new arm will be known as Rooster Teeth Games and will aim to bridge the gap between indie game developers and gamers around the world using its network of over 30m YouTube subscribers and 5m unique monthly visitors to its website.

"Rooster Teeth Games plans to bring a wide array of games to all platforms, and in turn introduce indie developers to our super awesome community," the company wrote on its website. "We invite all aspiring indie developers around the world to pitch their best games to us!"

The first game to be published by Rooster Teeth Games will be Invisible Collective’s Battlesloths 2025: The Great Pizza Wars, which will launch on Steam this coming March. This multiplayer competitive twin-stick shooter will see four players going head to head to destroy enemies and collect the most amount of pizza.

"Rooster Teeth services the community of people who grew up on game consoles instead ofcable boxes,” said Michael Hadwin, director of Rooster Teeth Games. With Rooster TeethGames, we will bring a wide array of engaging and entertaining video games on all platforms tothis community and in turn introduce the indie developer to this thriving demographic.”

Hadwin added: We invite the aspiring, stellar, creative indie developers around the world to contact RoosterTeeth Games and pitch their best content and games to us. We are eager toshare access to the vast potential audiences within the Rooster Teeth community and topublish and deliver new and exciting content to gamers worldwide, starting with Battlesloths.”

Rooster Teeth is perhaps best known for its series of Red vs Blue videos set in the Halo universe, but it also self-published the popular hack and slash title RWBY: Grimm Eclipse last year, which released on PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

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