Cambridge studio Jagex will convert virtual gifts into real donations for five charities

RuneScape launches charity campaign fuelled by in-game gold donations

Jagex is now allowing RuneScape players to donate to charity using their hard-earned in-game gold.

The studio’s month-long Well of Goodwill campaign will allow adventurers to drop items, gold or RuneScape Bonds into the Well. For every 10 million GP that they donate, Jagex will give $1 to its partner charities: GamesAid, the Willow Foundation, SpecialEffect, Action For Kids and the Internet Watch Foundation.

The Well is now available in-game but that’s not the only way RuneScape users will be able to donate. Throughout November, they can by a limited edition shield and cloak from Solomon’s General Store for £2, and profits from these sales will be split between the five charities.

"At Jagex, we have always been passionate about our charity work," said Jagex COO Riaan Hodgson. "As a company, we regularly raise funds and donate thousands of pounds to charity each year, but we have been keen to create an innovative way to involve our players for some time.

"With the Well of Goodwill, we have created a perfect way to allow our players to support worthy charities from their in-game efforts without affecting their own real-world pockets."

You can see how much Jagex has raised, and who the top donors are, by visiting the RuneScape website.

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