F2P Summit: Subscriptions likely to remain monetisation model; Other platforms considered

Runescape studio resists virtual currency temptations

Cambridge studio Jagex will likely persist with a subscription model for its hugely successful MMO Runescape, an executive at the company has said.

Speaking today at the Free to Play Summit in London, Rob Smith (pictured) said that a gentle introduction of item sales over time “could possibly be introduced, providing our audience is happy with it”.

In 2007, Jagex removed certain aspects of Runescape to stamp out ‘grey market’ trading of virtual goods. A subscription to premium game features will cost users anything between £3 and £10.

Smith said the long-term aspiration for Runescape was to extend to other platforms such as tablets. The Java technologies underpinning the game are broadly in decline, he said.

“Our plan is to try and move so we don’t specifically stick to one platform or technology,” he added.

Jagex has in the past sought to release games on consoles, though appears to have been met with resistance from the platform holders.

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