Influential website previews student's political animation

Salford University game art recognised by Saatchi

A student video game designer from Salford University’s School of Art and Design has had their work recognised by the influential Saatchi blog.

Titled Borderline, the piece was shown at the opening of a new gallery in Vienna last month, and features an animated map of Europe which explores ideas of conflicts and political boundaries. Fuch’s built the work, which plays on the conventions of the third-person shooter, using an unnamed game engine.

“Art using computer games technology is a growing movement," enthused Fuchs. "The elements of animation and interactivity that make games so popular commercially can also be exploited to offer a different kind of artistic experience.

“In this case I wanted to show the theme of borderlines – how they define allegedly ethnic or political areas and are often conflict-laden, irrational, historically grown and completely arbitrary. The variety of languages, anthems and images that can demonstrate this theme make it a perfect subject for this medium.”

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