Rare and Frontier among those using the display tech

Scaleform brings UI to Kinect games

Scaleform is already becoming a popular choice among Kinect game developers, the company behind Flash-based UI tech has said.

Four of Kinect’s launch titles used Scaleform GFx for its display, menus and HUDs, the firm said. The interested developers include UK studios Rare and Frontier Developments as well as BigPark and Good Science.

Salvatore Fileccia, the lead project manager at Rare, said that Kinect’s new way of interacting with games – such as with the controllerless peripheral Kinect – demands “a robust and flexible system of menus, heads-up displays and interfaces”.

“Scaleform’s ease-of-use, Flash based development model, allowed us to rapidly develop and iterate our game’s UI, which greatly reduced production time and allowed us to increase the overall quality of the UI in our game,” Fileccia added.

Scaleform co-founder Brendan Iribe said tech allows far more developers “to quickly design and iterate far more innovative interfaces that draw players further into the gaming experience”.

The company’s UI tech is already widely used across game studios, with further integration with 3D gaming already planned.

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