GFx 3.2 bundled with 3D UI creation technology

Scaleform releases GFx update

Flash-based middleware providers and user interface creators Scaleform has released Scaleform GFx 3.2, an updated version of its UI technology.

Scaleform GFx 3.2 includes the 3Di suite of 3D Flash creation tools, which Scaleform claims will ease the development of 3D menus, heads up displays and in-game interfaces, including Stereoscopic 3D menus.

Also included is a Flash profiling tool for programmers and artists called AMP.

“Game developers are continually looking for ways to push the creative envelope while improving performance and reducing scheduling risk,” said Scaleform president and CEO Brendan Iribe.

“Scaleform GFx 3.2 addresses those core challenges by giving UI designers more creative freedom with its dazzling 3Di rendering and animation, powerful new AMP performance-tuning toolset, and additional ready-to-use UI Kits that make it faster and easier than ever before to implement robust UIs.”

Scaleform GFx 3.2 also includes the Scaleform AMP profiler, which grants a view of the CPU usage, rendering stats and memory allocation for developers while they tune Flash content.

Scaleform is also providing more UI kits, specifically a front-end Menu Kit and in-game 3Di Menu Kit, granting developers a starting point from which to design their individual UIs.

Scaleform GFx 3.2 supports native Flash filters and contains video tutorials for all of its major features.

“We’re excited to lead the way for the future of interface design as developers take traditional 2D interfaces to the next dimension and create stunning in-game 3D interfaces that rival the CGI special effects of high-budget films,” added Iribe.

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