'I think the industry has spoken with one voice on this one'

SCEA boss condemns harassment in games

The president of Sony Computer Entertainment America has become the latest high-profile gaming exec to publically condemn GamerGate’s hate campaign.

“I think the industry has spoken with one voice on this one, through the ESA,” Jack Tretton’s successor Shawn Layden told VentureBeat. “All of us are members of that trade body, including me and Phil Spencer and Reggie and all the big publishers.”

When pushed on the fact that hiding behind trade body statements is nowhere near sufficient, Layden added: “I don’t think there is one statement or one position on it, or one answer to whatever this very broadly-defined #GamerGate really means. A lot of things are getting swept into that.

“I’ll be very clear about my view of harassment or bullying. It’s completely unacceptable. Completely unacceptable. I will not be vague or equivocate about that.”

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