Team switches from larger PS2 and PS3 games to PlayStation Network experiences

SCEA San Diego refocuses around PSN titles

Gamasutra reports that SCEA’s 30-strong San Diego development studio has changed its focus from the bigger console experiences found on PS2 and PS3 towards making games that will be distributed over the PlayStation Network.

"Internally, we have shifted our focus from doing large-scope PS2 and PS3 titles to doing PSN titles exclusively. We’ve got three smaller groups now, and they’re all doing very differentiated products with different requirements," explained producer Jim Molinets.

"Our maximum team size is ten people, so we really utilize the strengths of all the different people within the studio. Each individual product has a technical lead, a design lead, and an art lead."

He added: "Because the [development] team is smaller, the dev cycle is smaller, and because our expertise level is high, we may be able to address things like that very quickly, as opposed to having to wait for a full two-year product cycle."

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