Sony Europeâ??s music manager talks up working with what you know

SCEE: Familiar tools produce the best results

Music manager for SCEE Alistair Lindsay told Develop he believes the best sound design is always produced by studios working with familiar tools.

“You need a tool that looks familiar to audio people that you can use to define sections and set-up interactive replay parameters,” he said.

In a feature describing his work on the EyePet music and sound, Lindsay went into great detail about the process involved in creating a memorable score.

He described the way he believes the best results are achieved for a newly assembled team.

“Using temp tracks and reference I help them get a clear idea of music style and what it has to ‘say’; the mood or character,” he said.

“With that in place, matching a composer is relatively straightforward. Then I determine the exact requirements – how much music and where it’s placed – so the team have a clear idea of what to expect.”

“I get the composer to meet the team, and look over game materials like storyboards, artwork, and the script, for example, so they really understand the flavour we’re after,” he added.

The full feature can be read here.

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