Double Fine founder says games sales have surpassed total raised via Kickstarter

Schafer expects to break even with Broken Age

The first major crowdfunding success for the games industry is now on course to break even.

Double Fine’s Broken Age may have grabbed the attention of the world with its original Kickstarter campaign, but the studio hasn’t exactly been rolling in it since the game’s release.

In a new video documentary, studio founder and veteran developer Tim Schafer explains that the adventure game’s development costs were actually more than the total raised via crowdfunding, according to GamesIndustry.

With the second and final part of Broken Age now on sale, Schafer is confident that these costs will be recouped.

“My expectation with Broken Age in the end was just to break even,” the studio boss said. “With Kickstarter, the risk is gone of losing money on it, so you know you’ve broken even if you just make the game to that amount of money.

“But we made it [for], like, twice as much almost as we got in. Or more. So we will just about make that back.”

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