'We need to protect our intellectual property' publisher claims

Sega barred Streets of Rage mod over IP breach

A fan-made homage to Streets Of Rage, which had been in development for eight years, was taken down due to a Sega claim of copyright infringement.

Bomber Games, the developer of Streets of Rage Remake, has said it contacted Sega years ago to check if the project wouldn’t be objected to. The developer continued working on the project under an impression that Sega would not protest.

Streets of Rage Remake uses some 80,000 lines of code, all original, and is completely free to play with no commercial ties.

The eight-year odyssey was finally released this month, though taken down at Sega’s request just days later.

Sega said it “needs to protect intellectual property rights, and this may result in us requesting that our fans remove online imagery, videos or games.”

In a full statement sent to Kotaku, the publisher said it is committed to supporting fans that take an interest in its games.

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