Simon Jeffery joins the iPhone developer to head up its new Plus+ Publishing group

Sega of America President departs for Ngmoco

Sega of America president and COO Simon Jeffery has left the company to join San Francisco-based iPhone developer ngmoco.

Jeffery, who has 22 years of industry experience on his CV, acted as president at Sega of America for over four years. He will now head up ngmoco’s new Plus+ Publishing group.

Central to the company’s Plus+ Publishing group is the Plus+ Network, which has been established as a service for participating developers, allowing each to tie their games to a persistent profile – a la Xbox Live Gamertags – allowing players to connect with each other and, according to ngmoco, compete and progress in games together.

“We are excited to welcome Jeffery to ngmoco”, said company CEO Neil Young. “Today’s announcement of Simon, Plus+ Publishing and Plus+ Network continues and extends our commitment beyond creative collaboration by opening our innovative publishing infrastructure to others."

Ngmoco founder and COO, Joe Keene, said that the firm has “a long-term vision for Plus+ Network to grow to become the definitive service for iPhone and iPod touch gamers to discover games and friends, play against each other and ultimately gain success, bragging rights and rewards in the community,"

"We are thrilled to have Simon lead the efforts on bringing partner games into the network, and help build a robust community of players.”

Prior to working at Sega, Jeffrey was president and COO of LucasArts for around seven years, joining in 1998 after working in a number of marketing, business, and development roles for Virgin Interactive and Electronic Arts, both in the United States and Europe.

"I am delighted to join ngmoco," said Jeffery. "With Plus+ Publishing we are going to be able to create a system for great developers to plug directly into an incredible, proven publishing framework & network technology to help accelerate their games."

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