The first in our series of round-ups for this year’s Selected Projects finalists focuses on the consoles and PC hardcore category

Selected Projects: Meet the finalists – Part 1: Targeting the hardcore

Game Connection is once again holding its Selected Projects competition in which independent developers showcase their work to potential publishers and investors, as well as thousands of industry professionals.

Shortlisted games in the competition’s next iteration will be demonstrated at Game Connection America from Monday, March 17th to Wednesday, March 19th at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel, San Francisco – just down the road from GDC 2013.

We recently reported that the 15 finalists had been announced, and over the next three days we’ll be giving you a closer look at the lucky studios – and what what they hope to gain from their entry in Selected Projects.

Today, we’re starting with the finalists for the Console & PC Hardcore category.


Country: Norway

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

What they looking for: Publishing

Budget needed for completion: $0

Estimated development time before completion: 3 months

Rock Pocket’s quirky co-operative puzzler revolves around an interesting physics-based mechanic: the two characters are connected by an air tube that allows them to inflate one space suit and deflate the other at the push of a button. This cord becomes both a help and a hindrance as players try to guide the pair safely through each level. Rock Pocket has nailed the gameplay and is currently working on story and character development to make the experience more enjoyable.


Country: Belgium

Platforms: PC

What they looking for: Publishing, Investment

Budget needed for completion: $270,000

Estimated development time before completion: 12 months

A dark, steampunk take on the familiar fair tale, Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries puts players in the role of a Red Riding Hood looking to avenge her father’s death. The side-scrolling platformer has been inspired by the distinct art styles of Tim Burton and Anton Pieck, and aims at telling the classic children’s story in a brand new way. The game is divided into nine levels and three chapters with dramatic cliffhangers compelling players to keep pressing forward.


Country: Italy

Platforms: PC, Mac (using Oculus Rift)

What they looking for: Publishing, Distribution, Investment

Budget needed for completion: $255,000

Estimated development time before completion: 10 months

Already widely covered by the gaming press, Loading Human is an adventure game developers specifically for use with virtual reality technology and motion controllers. Using Oculus Rift, players see through the protagonist’s eyes and motion controllers allow them to pick up and use items in game as if they were real. The story revolves around reliving and completing the memories of a patient with a degenerative disease, but in doing so dark truths are revealed.


Country: France

Platforms: PS4, Xbox 360

What they looking for: Marketing & PR

Budget needed for completion: $0

Estimated development time before completion: 0 months

Magiko’s 2D retro-style platformer combines exploration and RPG elements with aspects of shooters. The game challenges players to explore a randomly generated underground world – up to one million squares big, according to the developer – looting enemies and escaping from traps. The random generation should improve Platformines’ replay value, and its signature move the quintuple jump enables gamers to reach areas they wouldn’t usually access. Platformines is already on Steam Greenlight, with Magiko campaigning for votes.


Country: Canada

Platforms: PS4

What they looking for: Distribution, Marketing & PR

Budget needed for completion: $215,000

Estimated development time before completion: 3 months

This squad-based space combat game tasks players with destroying the enemy’s carrier ship while protecting their own. It has a unique art style, highly customisable ships, and even supports Oculus Rift and motion controllers. Developer Nine Dots Studio believes GoD Factory: Wingmen is ideal for e-sports and, in addition to help with distributing and marketing the final game, is seeking potential partners that could bring the game into the growing e-sports market.

Check back tomorrow as we offer a closer look at the finalists in the Tablet (Handheld) category.

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