Services Spotlight: Substance Source

Allegorithmic have added to the Substance family by introducing Substance Source, a new high resolution asset library. So we asked them to tell us all a bit more about it. 

What is Substance Source?

Substance Source is a physically-based material library where artists can get high-resolution customisable assets for any type of 3D project.

How does this work with Allegorithmic’s other software?

All content on Substance Source can be used with Allegorithmic’s software – tweaked in Substance Designer or in Substance Player, used in Substance Painter – or exported to game engines and renderers for in-engine / in-renderer tweaking and customisation.

What game development problems do you see Substance Source solving? 

Substance Source is just that: a source of inspiration for artists who don’t want to start with a blank page, or who want to save time with pre-made content that is customisable at the same time. Artists can also use Substance Source content in most 3D applications – it’s not tied to the Substance tools, so if you want to use a material directly in an engine or renderer, you can, and tweak within the engine or renderer.

What do you get with the plan?

Substance Source is now included at no additional cost in the Substance Live Indie monthly plan, which gives access to 30 downloads per month plus the latest versions of Substance software: Substance Painter, Substance Designer and Substance B2M. There is also a Substance Live Pro plan which includes 50 downloads per month, plus access to all software. 

How are you supporting higher fidelity assets such as 4K?

All Substance Source materials can be exported at any resolution up to 4K.

Don’t you run the risk of people using the same assets?

One of the reasons we created Substance Source was so that we could offer assets to a wide variety of artists, ranging from game artists to architects to furniture designers and advertising creatives. It is possible for multiple artists to use the same asset in very different ways. We believe that there is enough for everyone in Source, and that the range of uses for the assets is limited only by imagination. With customisation options for all assets, artists will be able to tweak assets to match their creative vision.

What are Source’s future plans?

Substance Source is an ever-growing library with new content being added continuously, and new parameters and customisation options being added to existing content. We are at work developing partnerships with more content providers, and producing more content ourselves, to make sure that Substance Source keeps growing. We also have a surprise or two for the coming months. On top of that we have our first collection geared towards architects and architectural visualisation professionals called Substance Source for Architecture, which was released in mid-November 2016. 

Price: Included with Substance Live Indie ($19.90/month) and Substance Live Pro ($99.90/ month) monthly plans. Studios can purchase a site license with full access to Substance Source including 12 months of updates for $2990.

Key Features:

  • Physically Based Materials designed for PBR workflows
  • Generate infinite variations from a single substance file
  • Get multiple outputs for all workflows: Classic, PBR metallic, roughness, specular and gloss
  • Export materials at any resolution and up to 4K for use on any platform 

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