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Services Spotlight: The Audio Guys

[This feature was published in the April edition of Develop magazine, which is available through your browser and on iPad.]

The Audio Guys have been helping to complete the aural experience of games for some 35 years.

It offers services such as games audio advice and recommendations for both original and custom sound design, and is ready to produce everything from FMV soundtracks to game audio systems design, all recorded to precise specifications.

It is also ready to give comprehensive advice on dialogue, casting, recording and directing.

The company’s audio director Dan Gardner says: “If you ever become concerned or confused about the audio development on your project, then just give us a call; we can help put your mind at rest and help get you to where you want to be audio-wise.”

Titles that it has contributed to include Forza Motorsport 4, Ridge Racer: Unbounded, Backbreaker Vengeance, Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

On Forza 4, it created engine sounds from raw recordings and integrated them into the game, and tested, tweaked and refined in-game engine sound effect systems.

On Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, it created the full audio design, working on the game for over 18 months, which involved creating and integrating all the sound effects managing all the UK and French, Italian, German and Spanish (FIGS) voice assets.

While on the Overlord games, it also helped cast, direct and record all the voiceovers, created sound effects, transferred them all into the game using custom tools and arranged and processed all FIGS voices for the games.

“We have a proven track record on a wide range of platforms and titles, from iOS and Facebook games to huge triple-A titles,” says Dan Gardner, audio director at The Audio Guys, when asked why developers should outsource their audio needs.

“All the core team here at The Audio Guys have also worked in-house for many years in audio lead and director positions on major titles, as well as having worked as independent outsourcers for over six years.

“And so, between us, we have a massive amount of game audio experience, amounting to over 40 years combined. This makes us a very low-risk option for developers, as we feel we know what is required and how to get there, no matter how small or large the size or scope of the project is.”

For the immediate future, the goal for Gardner and his team is to successfully continue to provide original and creative audio solutions to games developers, and all within budget.

“As we are a team, we are confident that we can provide flexibility on resourcing, ramping up and down headcount as and when needed,” Gardner says in closing.

“And, of course, as we are not in-house, we can tailor the time requirement to suit each project and each client.”


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