GDC08: Microsoft gets ball rolling on community games

Seven community-made games arrive on Xbox Live

After announcing that anyone with a PC and XNA Game Studio will be able to upload their own games to Xbox Live Arcade, Microsoft has got the ball rolling by adding a number of new games to the service made by amateur developers from around the world.

Seven games created using XNA Game Studio 2.0 are available immediately for Xbox 360 owners to download from Xbox Live Marketplace.

These are:

  • JellyCar (created by Walaber from the United States),
  • Little Gamers (created by Loïc Dansart, a 24-year-old software developer from Belgium),
  • The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai (by James Silva from the United States),
  • TriLinea (created by Edison S. Prata Jr., Renato Pelizzari da Silva and Davi da Silva Prata from Brazil),
  • RocketBall (by Tyler Wanlass, Patrick Murty and Todd Barrons of the United States),
  • ProximityHD (by Brian Cable from the United States)
  • Culture (created by independent studio Hidden Path Entertainment from the United States).

“The time has come for the games industry to open its doors to all game creators, enabling anyone to share their creations with the world,” said John Schappert, corporate vice president of Live, software and services for the interactive eEntertainment business at Microsoft.

“Our goal is to drive a creative and social revolution in games with the same transformative power that we’ve seen in digital music and video sharing.”

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