ArenaNet to also create additional bonus teams for further development when needed

Seven dev teams supporting Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has seven development teams working on its MMO Guild Wars 2.

Speaking on the game’s blog, lead designer Colin Johanson said that rather than have one small live team, which he claimed is provided in traditional MMOs, ArenaNet has formed multiple teams focused on expanding the game’s content for the long-term.

Teams working on the MMO include Live Response, which addresses bugs and balancing issues, Living World, who focus on adding new content, Live Security, which helps protect the game and users from bots and hackers, and a PVP/E-Sports team that works on building the competitive PvP community.

The other dev groups are Holidays & Events, Mac & Performance and Commerce.

Johanson said as well as the seven core teams lending support to Guild Wars 2 post-release, a number of additional bonus teams would occasionally be created to build specific features or run events outside of the remit of the current teams.

“Our goal is to continue to raise the bar by keeping the game constantly updated with more high-quality content than any other game has offered before,” he said.

“We think Guild Wars 2 is one of the most enthralling online worlds ever created, so we are dedicated to a live game that impacts this world with events and milestones that are immersive and possibly permanent. We want this to be a world where you share memories of pivotal moments and exciting experiences for years to come.”

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