Kickstarter game pushed back from January to May next year

Shadowrun’s crowdfunded return delayed

Shadowrun Returns has been delayed by Harebrained Schemes due to the need for additional time as a result of the crowdfunded game’s additional features.

The game was originally slated to release in January 2013, but is now scheduled for launch in May or June.

The biggest change to the game is the switch from top-down to isometric perspective, which has soaked up hours of R&D.

As one of the first titles to cash in on the Kickstarter craze begun by Tim Schafer’s Double Fine, the production of Shadowrun could serve as a measure of things to come for similarly-funded titles.

While delays are an unavoidable fact of game development, it will be interesting to watch the consumer reaction to a process in which backers are now active participants due to crowdfunding.

As fans take the funding role once held by publishers, the industry has to ask the question of whether or not they can cope with the other duties once delegated to marketing, QA, and a host of highly-paid executives given oversight of production.

Perhaps more telling; how will consumers react if delays mean developers have to ask for another round of funding?

The final verdict is probably still a year out, but as crowdfunding draws the public closer to the process of development, these questions may soon become the forefront of industry attention.

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