Lilith Games claims mobile smash hit is a clone of its own title Soul Clash

Shanghai developer suing Heroes Charge

Shanghai-based developer Lilith Games has filed a lawsuit against Heroes Charge studio uncool, alleging copyright infringement and cloning.

Heroes Charge is a popular and highly lucrative mobile game, which was even able to afford an ad spot and sponsorship during this year’s Super Bowl. It was first released last August.

However, Lilith Games posits that the title infringes on its own mobile action game Soul Clash, first published in China in February 2014.

“Heroes Charge is so identical to Soul Clash in the rules, the character set, and even the user inteface that we assume it could have been created based on Lilith’s code,” said Lilith CEO Xinwen Wang. 

“No doubt a clone game with a significant influence in the market will hinder our overseas expansion, which urged us to take legal actions.”

Wang adds that an English version of Soul Clash is already on the way to European markets, under the name Allstar Heroes as part of a licensing deal with Allstar Games.

Cloning is a massive issue in the mobile space. Last August, Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen saw a multitude of copycats release games modeled on his new title Swing Copters days before the original even launched.

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