But community manager Felix Caffier stresses 'this is not the end' for the development platform

ShiVa game engine maker Stonetrip in liquidation

ShiVa engine maker Stonetrip is in liquidation, the French company has confirmed to Develop.

According to legal documents, the firm has been in the process of liquidation since January, but further details are unclear at this time as Stonetrip has said it is not allowed to comment on the matter

Community manager Felix Caffier, who stressed he was not making an official statement for Stonetrip, said he had advised customers to continue making games with its engine until further notice.

Despite the liquidation process, he claimed that things were not as bad as they may appear to onlookers, and stressed “this is not the end of ShiVa”.

“I advised our customers to keep making games, be patient and not to worry until we have released an official statement,” Caffier told Develop.

“It is all less grim than it seems from an outside perspective. Please check back with us in two-to-three weeks, the situation should be sorted out by then. This is not the end of ShiVa.”

Formed in 2003 by Philip Belhassen and Nicolas Peri, Stonetrip released the first iteration of the Shiva game engine in 2005.

The engine has gained reputation among small studios and indies, supporting numerous titles such as Babel Rising, Non Flying Soldiers, Earth and Legend, The Necronomicon Horror and Supersonic, and currently also supports over 16 platforms including console, iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Before news of the liquidation process broke, Stonetrip had been working on the next major editor release, set to feature an improved physics engine, custom shaders and HUD editors.

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