New Ideaworks Labs deal expands platform support

Shiva3D jumps further into mobile

Engine vendor Stonetrip has signed a key partnership with Ideaworks Labs, expanding the range of platforms that Shiva3D developers can work on.

Ideawork’s Airplay SDK has been integrated with Stonetrip’s flagship engine, meaning that ShiVa3D developers can now port games to all Airplay supported platforms, from iOS, to Android, to Symbian, Windows Mobile and more.

Ideaworks Labs says that ShiVa developers will be able to port its creations to further mobile platforms “with minimal extra effort”.

ShiVa3D already has native support for iPhone, Android and Palm webOS, yet the Ideaworks Labs deal means the tech will likely be more responsive to adapt to future mobile devices.

“It makes perfect sense for us to team up with Ideaworks Labs and to make ShiVa3D more accessible to developers using Airplay SDK,” said Stonetrip CEO Philip Belhassen.

“And it gives us new platforms as well, strengthening our position as the best integrated multi-platform engine on the market.”

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