New report claims that all three next gen systems will take stage at LA extravaganza

Shock PS4 announcement ‘set for E3’

Sony is planning to rock the industry by announcing PlayStation 4 plans in just a matter of months, a new report has revealed.

In a highly unexpected move, Sony executives will head to Los Angeles in June to discuss their next home console at E3, within days of Microsoft doing the same.

This week’s MCV magazine has splashed on its front page “Biggest E3 ever will reveal new consoles”, claiming that Microsoft too will unveil its next generation system at the industry event.

In October last year, Develop revealed that several Sony studios had begun prototyping early PlayStation 4 projects. One month later, PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan admitted it would be “undesirable” for the PlayStation 4 to launch later than its rivals.

MCV now claims that Sony has sent the message to third-parties that it will not be left behind this time.

The PS3 launched more than a year after the Xbox 360, and it is believed Sony considers Microsoft had a significant advantage with its head-start.

Develop understands that Xbox Next is to launch in 2013, with PlayStation 4 likely released a year later. It appears Sony is intensifying efforts to narrow the gap between both console releases.

MCV’s report claims that neither Microsoft nor Sony will announce launch details of their next gen systems at E3. But their presence at the event is also designed to steal thunder from Nintendo, which is currently finalising release plans for Wii U.

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