The real-time 3D Data software to become "accessible across industries."

Simplygon made free to indie, educational and non-commerical developers

Simplygon has made their 3D data software free for indie developers, educational and non-commerical organisations, starting immedietly.

The software, which provides 3D data preparations and optimisation in real-time is already used with games publishers and can be used within CryEngine, Amazon’s Lumberyard, Until and Unreal Engine 4.

The idea is that, along with a new pricing structure for bigger studios and businesses, the free release of the software will allow developers to have wider access to tools that will aid development. This could be especially useful in the growing fields of AR and VR as the scope and user base for these technologies grow.

Included in the supported hardware at present for VR and AR development is HTC Vive, Oculus and Microsoft Hololens. "The reduction in cost barriers enables broad access to Simplygon’s solution and allows developers additional tools to continue building out the ecosystem," said Cris Derr, director of holographic academy for Hololens.

Simplygon is keen to help spread the technology beyond gaming as VR and AR become more prevalent in other areas like aerospace and retail, according to Simplygon CEO Matt Connor, saying: "the ability for us to provide a level playing field to developers is a move we believe will change the future of the industry."

More information about Simplygon and its software is available here.

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