Bozek-lead studio Inensu launches Closet Swap in conjunction with Channel 4 Education

Singstar creator sets sights on ethical fashion

East London studio Inensu has launched a new website and Facebook app designed to encourage teenagers to consider the financial, socio-economic and environmental impact of their fashion tastes and consumption.

Inensu, lead by Singstar creator and former SCEE producer Paulina Bozek, has crafted Closet Swap, which centers around a user community exchanging and sharing clothing.

Commissioned by Channel 4 Education, which has in recent years been famously dedicated to funding innovative, well-regarded games with bold educational ambitions, Closet Swap is aimed at 14-to-19-year-olds. It strives to promote the idea of sustainable fashion, encourage individualism, support charity and vintage clothing shops, and motivate youngsters to consider the wider impact of their sartorial choices.

“Fashion has always been a social activity that you share with friends and with Closet Swap we have created a must-have fashion app with a positive message that champions personal style over disposable fashion,” explains Bozek of Inensu’s creation.

“Sustainable fashion is something teens really care about,” added Jo twist, Channel 4 Education commissioner. “But sometimes the idea can be off putting for many. Closet Swap shows teens very practically how they can be individually stylish in a more sustainable way, while having fun swapping clothes and gaining kudos with friends.”

The game is part of a wider drive by Channel 4 Education to shine a spotlight on the concept of ethical and sustainable fashion. Earlier this year Channel 4 Education launched Sweatshop, an online game in which players run an off-shore factory, getting to grips with managing staff, suppliers and sales.

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