Middleware trial 'is proceeding' says Silicon Knights Denis Dyack

SK v Epic: ‘Justice will be done’ says Dyack

Denis Dyack has told Develop that he thinks ‘justice will be done’ in the still-in-progress legal spat between his studio Silicon Knights and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games.

A year ago, Silicon Knights filed a suit aganst Epic saying the company had "failed to provide a working game engine" – the studio since then scrapped its use of Unreal Engine 3 and built its own in-house technology. The first game using that, Too Human, is due out next week.

But despite the fact that Epic has filed its own counter-claims against Silicon Knights, and that UE3 has become the most popular third-party engine solution amongst publishers and developers, Dyack is adamant his claims still hold water.

He told us: "Well the trial is proceeding, we feel really good about our claims, and we’re hopeful that justice will be done. We all feel really strongly that they have defrauded us, and a major portion of the industry."

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