Newly-formed developer enlisting the services of Rushkoff to expand game narrative beyond

Smoking Gun taps famed writer Rushkoff

The recently formed Vancouver-based developer Smoking Gun has hired the services of famed writer Douglas Rushkoff.

Rushkoff has gained reputation in numerous fields. He has worked as an essayist, a New York University lecturer, as well as a consultant for organisations such as the United Nations Commission on World Culture.

He will collaborate with Smoking Gun to assist in the narrative behind the studio’s new project, as well as branch the story out into other media formats.

Smoking Gun is formed of industry veterans such as CEO John Johnson, Technical Director Drew Dunlop and art Director Angie Pytlewski; all of which had left Company of Heroes developer Relic in 2007 before establishing the new outfit.

The developer has been largely quiet since its formation. Details of its debut title are scarce, though the developer states that Rushkoff will help expand the presence of its new title beyond the game sector.

“Rushkoff will develop story narratives across a range of media formats that can feed off one another and exist concurrently,” read a company statement.

John Johnson reaffirmed the company’s aim to push the boundaries of the game medium, adding that Rushkoff’s “astounding skill in creating compelling narrative is the perfect fit for the themes and scenarios we are introducing in our first property”.

Rushkoff himself said that collaborating with Smoking Gun was “an unexpected wish come true”.

“Smoking Gun Interactive [are] the first developers I’ve encountered who really understand the difference and potential marriage between narrative and game, between storytelling and total immersion," he added.

"I’m going to get to work closely with them, writing narrative pathways that carry readers through the universe of the game world. We’ll all be writing for and stealing from one another, developing plot points, set pieces, and characters that have both stories in the books, and purposes in the games.”

“Players who have read the books will have a richer game experience; readers who play the game will come to understand the stories from the inside."

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