Studio Bento managed to successfully Kickstart a documentary called GameLoading: Rise of the Indies a little over a year ago now.

Sneak peek of GameLoading documentary comes to Melbourne

The team grabbed their gear and have been wherever indies can be found ever since then, and are finally approaching the end.

Director / Producer Lester Francois spoke to Develop about the project and its non-sensational celebration of indie culture and the future of games.

"We are taking a wider look at the subculture of indie games development," he said. "Our film is not a character piece but looks at the broad spectrum of developers from the rock stars to some lesser known devs who have not been as successful."

"We had a few contacts we when set out overseas but lucky for us the indie scene is very open and welcoming. We made so many more contacts while on the road and our research skyrocketed while being embedded in the subculture. Going to events like GDC, Indie Megabooth at PAX, Indiecade, Fantastic Arcade, Bit Summit, Train Jam and others helped us get a snapshot of this community."

"The subculture does not only exist at these events but being there helped us get an understanding of the indie community and the dozens of off-shoot gatherings. Having a great crew who are equally excited by indie devs helps as well."

The 15 minute sneak peek (which premiered at PAX Prime) is peppered with inspirational comments from a wide range of developers, and focuses on the cultlure and inspiration behind what is currently one of the largest-growing sectors in gaming. Of particular note is the warm and jovial approach it is taking to game development, urging the viewer to embrace not only games but development, stressing how easy it is becoming to bridge the gap between a fan and a developer.

The sneak peek will be on show for one night only next week in Melbourne, as the team launches its second Kickstarter to help distribute and market the finished, feature-length documentary.

Developers who have been interviewed for the feature run the gamut, ranging from John Romero (founder of id Software) to Zoe Quinn (Depression Quest creator), from Rami Ismael (head of business development at Vlambeer) to Richard Hofmeier (Cart Life creator), and also sports a few Aussie faces.

Future screenings of the sneak peek are set to include Fantastic Arcade and PAX Australia.

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