Emulation community likely to bring Nintendo games to Android-powered console

SNES and NES emulators ready in time for Ouya launch

Upcoming Android console Ouya will likely have SNES and NES emulators ready for day one, reports claim.

CVG reckons that “signals within the emulation community” point to a NES emulator being up and running for the console’s launch. Work on a SNES emulator is also progressing fast.

Emulation could possibly lead Ouya toward legal hot water, with Nintendo unlikely to be happy with a rival machine offering much of its back-catalogue for free when it is still trying its hardest to monetise it.

Of course, it’s hard to see how this situation could be avoided. The open nature of Google’s Android OS means that emulation is always going to be popular. Indeed, emulation of older consoles is rife on Android smartphones.

This story was original publishe by our sister-site, MCV.

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