Solve your matchmaking woes: Gameye and Amazon GameLift webinar

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On the 9th September, we’re running a webinar with the Amazon GameLift FlexMatch team all about matchmaking and orchestration tools.

But why?

We’ve all joined a multiplayer game only to be plagued by the scourge of better players. You join the match, get trounced, and limp off, muttering under your breath about how unfair the game is. Either that, or you wait for endless minutes to enter a game, and you’ve got players jumping around the map as they lag through walls and you’re bouncing around unable to play.

Both situations are an absolute nightmare. And they really spoil the experience. It’s even worse if the game is purely multiplayer and you can’t even jump over to the story mode.

These problems aren’t always the developer’s fault. But often they are. Bad matchmaking rules or multiplayer servers that don’t match people to the closest server are the usual culprits.

What is matchmaking?

Most games will have a secret metric under the hood, ranking players by their skill level. The matchmaker tool takes that number and makes sure it pits players of similar skills against one another. It’s essential if you want your matches to always be fair.

What is an orchestrator?

You don’t just have to make sure that players match well with each other. It’s also important to make sure they join the server closest to them at any time during the day, so that they don’t lag or get other connection problems. Ultimately, you want to balance latency with skill. And find a server that suits both criteria.

That’s where the orchestrator comes in. It automatically figures out which session someone should join, not based on their skill, but on their physical distance from the server. And it works with the matchmaker to make sure the player gets the best of both worlds.

You’ll learn how they work on our webinar

Working with Amazon GameLift, we’re going to discuss the challenges, the technologies and the techniques you can use to set up these tools. How do you use them? How do they work? How do you get started?

You’ll learn exactly how they work together and what you need to do to set them up. It’ll be quite practical, but with plenty of time to answer the most important questions.

Join our three speakers

We’ve got Bruce Brown, software development manager at Amazon GameLift, along with our CTO, Elmer Bulthuis, and technical support engineer, Kristian Jackson. They’ll be discussing everything you need to know about matchmakers and orchestration tools.

Save your seat

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