Some future GTA V updates may be next-gen and PC only

Xbox 360 and PS3 owners of Grand Theft Auto V may miss out on future new content for the game, Rockstar has warned.

Players on PS3 and Xbox 360 can look forward to Online Heists and other updates that are in the works coming soon,” the company said. We are incredibly thankful to our original generation of GTA V and GTA Online players on those systems and wish to continue providing content to them for as long as we can.

Of course, at some point in the future, there may be a point where we reach the limits for the previous generation of consoles as there may be some updates that are only technically possible on the new hardware – but we do hope to continue delivering as many updates as we can for all four consoles for as long as possible.”

Rockstar confirmed this week that Online Heists are on the way to GTA V, although it hasn’t yet confirmed a concrete release date.

Grand Theft Auto V was released on last-gen machines back in September 2013 and then on PS4 and Xbox One last month. The PC release is scheduled for the end of January.

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