SCE CEO says its stereoscopic tech centre will help drive mass 3D adoption

Sony 3D studio ‘can aid all devs’

3D has become crucial to Sony’s global plans, and the firm has offered to help the games industry keep pace.

SCE CEO Kaz Hirai says PlayStation plays a vital role in the 3D masterplan, which involves almost every part of Sony’s business.

In February, the company set up a 3D Technology Center at Sony Pictures Studios in California. And Hirai says game developers can utilise this to help them create 3D products.

“The 3D Technology Center is not just for Sony,” Hirai told MCV.

“We will share the expertise that we have developed over the years. This is to make sure we are playing our part to drive mass adoption of 3D, not just for Sony but as an industry.”

Elsewhere in an exclusive interview with MCV, the Sony boss revealed his company’s aim to outsell PlayStation 2 with its current flagship console, PS3.

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