Studio 'has returned to its studio-friendly roots', Yoshida says

Sony boss: We’ve resurrected our PS1 dev attitude

Sony returned to its dev-friendly era in building the PSP2, according to the man in charge of the firm’s global fleet of studios.

SCE Worldwide Studio boss Shuhei Yoshida appears to have personally encouraged a developer-first approach in building the new handheld – something he had pledged to do last year.

In a new interview, Yoshida said the input of external developers “has been essential for us to make final decisions on PSP2”.

“As a result of this, we went through many iterations of PSP2,” he said.

“It reminded me of the early days of the original PlayStation, when we visited many developers and publishers to get feedback during the development of that product.”

Last year, in an exclusive interview with Develop, Yoshida admitted that the PS3 was a big challenge for developers to work with.

That console, Ken Kutaragi’s last, is one of extraordinary power and complexity but had exposed Sony as putting itself before game development partners.

Those days are over, Yoshida said in a new interview on the PlayStation Blog.

“It’s almost as if SCE has gone back to basics, which should be a good thing,” he said.

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