Danish developer Playdead moved to XBLA after refusing to give away game

Sony lost out on Limbo because it wanted the IP rights

Sony Computer Entertainment missed out on getting Playdead’s popular indie platformer Limbo because it wanted to retain the IP rights, says SCE exec producer Pete Smith.

Speaking at the Develop in Brighton conference last week, as reported by Edge, Smith said it had been in talks with the Danish developer to bring the title to PSN as an exclusive, but Playdead refused to give up the rights to the game.

"I maybe shouldn’t say this, but we had issues when we were trying to sign Limbo because of the IP," said Smith.

Limbo was eventually released instead on XBLA in July 2010, and later on PSN and Steam.

Smith previously said in his talk that developers shouldn’t be afraid to give up their IP if they are working with the right publisher, as it makes a deal far more enticing for both companies.

"There are obvious benefits to keeping it, but also to giving it up, you’re way more likely to get the deal," he said.

"Remember, 100 per cent of nothing is nothing. A publisher is much more likely to commit to marketing and merchandising if they own the IP.

"Sometimes all we want is protection so developers don’t make a game, finish it, then go to one of our rivals. We look at IP on a case-by-case basis. With a bit of common sense, you can find common ground.”

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