PlayStation firm 'not giving up' despite Adobe backing away from mobiles

Sony ‘still wants Flash on PS Vita’

Sony is locked in negotiations with Adobe to add Flash support to PS Vita, a new report suggests.

PlayStation software development executive Muneki Shimada was paraphrased as saying he had “not given up” on incorporating Flash within PlayStation Vita.

The matters which need to be negotiated on are not public knowledge.

His comments come from an interview with Impress Watch, translated by Andriasang.

In October, it was widely reported thay PlayStation Vita will not be able to play Flash games through its internet browser.

Days later, Adobe staff were told from executives that the company would no longer be supporting the Flash format for mobile devices. The announcement shocked many within the games, telecoms and web development industries.

Adobe said it would not offer a Flash package that supports the next iteration of Android, 5.0, which is speculated will become widely available at some point next year.

The decision comes amid divisions and debates within the industry concerning the long-term viability of Flash, with one line of thought being that the HTML5 format will eventually supersede Adobe’s rich content player.

Yet some of the biggest games engine firms in the world – Epic Games and Unity Technologies – have both pledged to support Flash with Unreal Engine and the Unity 3D.

PlayStation Vita will launch worldwide in February.

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