Chronicles of Elyria will use world-building tech to create game where players can grow old, die and be reincarnated

Soulbound Studios using Improbable’s SpatialOS for new MMO

SpatialOS, the high-end simulation tech by Improbable, will be used to power Soulbound Studio’s ambitious MMO Chronicles of Elyria.

The game has raised more than $1m via Kickstarter and promises players a "unique persistent world" that can handle hundreds of thousands of players across one geographical area thanks to SpatialOS.

SpatialOS is an operating system that enables devs to create worlds that continue simulating entities such animals and enemies even when players are logged off. It also enables the creation of much larger worlds than is normally possible thanks to its method of distributing the processing power across multiple servers via tha cloud. We took an in-depth look at the tech earlier this year.

Soulbound has built its Soulborn Engine and the Chronicles of Elyria back-end on SpatialOS, enabling game mechanics such as ageing characters, a dynamic and event-driven story engine, and choices that have lasting consequences on the game world.

"People have been asking us how we plan to get a hundred thousand players spread across the largest geographic area in a video game to date – this is it," said Soulbound CEO Jeromy Walsh.

"With the help of SpatialOS, we can do it faster than most people think possible, and with a smaller team. We’ve been talking with the folks at Improbable for nearly six months now, evaluating the platform, speaking with their CEO and team, and experiencing first-hand how committed Improbable are to helping make Chronicles of Elyria a success.”

Improbable CEO Herman Narula added: "Improbable was founded to make the kind of game we wanted to play, but could not find. Then we realised we wanted to enable many experiences that break the boundaries of traditional game technology so we built a platform for developers.

"Chronicles of Elyria’s has the potential to innovate and entertain players in new ways and we are excited that SpatialOS can help a team like Soulbound focus on bringing its game to life.”

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