Danish studio set to change the way it operates following financial difficulties

Space Hulk dev lays off staff, ceases development

Space Hulk: Ascension developer Full Control has laid off a number of its staff and has ceased development on new games.

As reported by Nordicgame, the studio began facing financial difficulties last year following the lacklustre response to Jagged Alliance: Flashback and the bankruptcy of BitComposer in December – which helped market its titles.

Full Control was subsequently unable to secure funding for new projects, resulting in half of its 25 staff being laid off. After further difficulties with investor Capnova, the remaining team members are also being made redundant.

Lund has now taken up the position of head of production at Sybo Games. Despite this, he is said to be working on new third-party deals to bring Space Hulk and Space Hulk: Ascension to new platforms, as well as working on DLC.

Following this, it appears the studio will close for good.

“My budgets only run until April, and renegotiating a new exit agreement with our investor took three months,” said Full Control CEO Thomas Lund.

“It is all settled now, and Capnova is no longer part of Full Control. They do leave behind a loan which I must repay, however. The loan costs alone took away too much money to sustain a production team so all in all, ‘stopping at the top’ seems like the most sensible decision at this point.”

UPDATE: Full Control CEO has contacted Develop to clarify that the studio is not closing, but instead ceasing development of new games.

"We will continue developing new DLC for Ascension for the next two months so that’s ready for release," he told us. "We are making deals with third party companies to port the games to other platforms. I will keep answering emails, doing some customer support, even running marketing campaigns."

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