We have the power to be more involved, says Junction Point chief

Spector: â??What passes for story interaction is an illusionâ?

In part two of our exclusive interview, Junction Point founder Warren Spector has spoken of the industry’s need to make its stories more interactive.

“What passes for interaction in the game business 98 per cent of the time is an illusion,” he said, “and the reality is that we have enough computing power and we have enough software knowledge that we can actually create truer interaction than we could in the past.

“When I see people faking it – choices that don’t mean anything, choices that have no consequences, choices where the game will keep bumping you back until you make the right one – I just can’t deal with that. Really giving players power over how a story unfolds is the ultimate grail,” he added.

It’s in chasing this Holy Grail that Spector realised how Disney could help him with its vast experience of telling stories. “There’s this vast treasure trove of archive material,” he enthused. “I mean, every memo that Walt Disney ever wrote about the Snow White story is still there. We have Walt Disney teaching us how to tell stories – that ain’t bad!

"Disney didn’t become the pop cultural force in the world that it is without knowing something, you know? It’s intense; it’s the coolest thing in the world.”

For more on the benefits of being part of the Disney family and Spector’s views of the future of game stories, check out our full interview here. Part one of the interview can be found here.

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