European mobile division developing latest installment for smartphone and tablets

Square Enix makes Deus Ex: The Fall mobile only

Square Enix is taking the next entry in the Deus Ex franchise exclusively to mobile and tablets, it has announced.

Called Deus Ex: The Fall, the latest installment is set to ditch current and next-gen consoles in favour of smart devices.

The RP, which will still offer a range of stealth and action sequences, as well as player choice and consequence, will pick up after the events of the Deus EX: The Icarus Effect novel.

The game is being developed by Square Enix’s mobile division in Europe.

Square Enix mobile GM Antony Douglas said the move to mobile was central to Square Enix’s new platform strategy, and that the developer had approached the title in the same way it would its boxed console and digital releases.

The first instalment of the mobile series of games is set to be released in summer for $6.99

“We’re really excited to continue the Deus Ex series on mobile and start a new journey”, said Eidos Montreal executive game director Jean-François Dugas.

“The team has done an incredible job creating a whole new story and controls for intuitive touch screen gameplay, whilst staying true to the Deus Ex universe. Players can expect exploration, action, hacking, stealth, social enhancers, player choice and consequence – the full Deus Ex experience.”

Douglas added: “Smart devices are central to Square Enix’s platform strategy and we approach it with the same attention as our boxed and digital releases. Deus Ex: The Fall is going to be testament to our commitment in delivering high quality entertainment on mobile and tablet devices.”

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