New studio to focus on RPGs

Square Enix open new development studio in Tokyo

Square Enix has opened a new studio, with the aim that it will build RPG’s with a narrative focus, in Japan.

Studio Istolia, based in Tokyo, will be working on a new Square Enix RPG entitled Project Prelude Rune. The new development studio is being led by Hideo Baba, who has 18 years of video games experience and is known for his work on Bandai Namco’s Tales Of franchise and work as a producer on the DS version of Blue Dragon and PS3 title Eternal Sonata.

Not much is known about the project at this stage, with only Square Enix’s outline to go on:
"The project aims to build a new RPG with a new fantasy: unfolding across a vast land teeming with life. Nurtured by the earth, the many peoples of this land dare to dream, fighting for what is just—and this is their tale"

You could also draw some conclusions could be drawn from the roles Studio Istolia are hiring for. I’ve put these below:


  • Battle Planner
  • Map Planner
  • UI Planner


  • Character Designer
  • Map Designer
  • Monster Designer
  • Motion Designer
  • Effect Designer
  • UI Designer


  • Battle Programmer
  • Tool Programmer
  • Event Programmer
  • Sound Programmer
  • UI Programmer
  • Technical Support

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