Publisher now taking submissions for new game pitches

Square Enix opens Collective program to developers

Square Enix has opened its new game-pitching Collective program to all developers after completing its pilot phase.

The scheme enables developers to pitch their game through the site and have their idea voted on by the community. If the idea is well-received, the publisher will then help the title gain funds through the Collective platform and crowdfunding website Indiegogo.

Pitches will be published every Monday once the first game ideas are submitted and approved. The first tile to successfully go through the pilot phase is Tuque Games’ World War Machine, which is set to begin a crowdfunding campaign at the end of April.

For a game to appear on the site, it must:

  • Be developed for PC
  • Be digital-only
  • Have a budget that’s realistic for crowdfunding
  • Not have already been through crowdfunding previously
  • Be submitted by a person that can lead development (i.e. is an industry professional)

“The pilot phase went really well, we learned so much during the test month and the teams we worked with; Tuque Games, Kitfox Games and Ruffian Games, have given great and useful feedback,” said Collective project lead Phil Elliott.

“Now it’s over to you as we open up the platform on an ongoing basis, and see what sort of ideas come in, from developers all around the world and what gamers think of those ideas.”

Although Square Enix had previously said it would allow developers to use its back catalogue of Eidos IP to develop their own games, it will not do so until a later date.

Visit the official website for more information.

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