Company denies 'dispute' with Capcom, assures layoffs were due to normal dev cycles

Staff cuts at Wii developer Bionic Games

Californian developer Bionic Games has denied reports of a financial dispute with Capcom surrounding the upcoming Wii action title Spyborgs.

Citing unnamed sources said to be credible industry members, games news group G4 had heard whispers that Bionic Games had in fact closed down entirely, following a financial dispute with Capcom.

Yet Bionic Games President Michael Haller denied the rumours emphatically. “I assure you that the team is in the studio today fixing bugs and waiting for any requests from Capcom or Nintendo of America.”

Not only did Haller offer an invitation to “see for yourself”, he confirmed that the developer is now moving to its next project as the Wii action title Spyborgs approaches gold status.

It is in fact this transition from one project to the next that seemed to spark speculation. Haller confirmed that the studio has begun moving development staff to the next project, while “laying off those for whom we do not have an immediate position.” Questions surrounding the exact number of layoffs had not been disclosed.

He assured that this process is customary at “every development studio that I am familiar with.”
“Last week we completed our Beta delivery of Spyborgs to Capcom,” he added.

“We now only need a small team to handle any bugs that might pop up over the next month or so. The game is for all intents and purposes finished and delivered.”

Of the suggestions that Bionic Games was caught in a rift with Spyborgs publisher Capcom over payments, Haller categorically denied Capcom had taken any action to amend its scheduled payments to Bionic Games.

“Capcom has been consistent on all of their payments to us over the entire development period,” he said.

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